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Taste the difference - Traeger | Charlie's Service Center

Taste - Foods cooked on a Pellet Grill taste better than gas or charcoal. Guaranteed to increase your outdoor dining pleasure - a wood fire is simply a more natural and tastier way to cook food.

Traeger Grill | Charlie's Service Center

Safety - A Pellet Grill is safer than gas or charcoal. No explosions from gas leaks, no hot coals, no flare-ups. Uses safe non-toxic wood pellets. Nearly impossible to burn your food. Fire safety officials and seniors love this barbecue grill.

A Smoker, Too - Absolutely the best smoker on the market today. Mesquite and gourmet smoked foods right from your own backyard. Hot wood fire vapors penetrate the meat for an incredible flavor.

Environmentally Sound - 100% natural wood pellets are a clean-burning renewable resource made from manufacturing byproduct.

Convenience and Consistency - You don't need to babysit a Pellet Grill. Put your food on and spend time doing things you enjoy. Cooks unattended while you are in the house or doing more enjoyable things.

Membership - When you buy a Pellet Grill, you join an elite group of grill owners who have discovered this unique cooking method. Be the first in your neighborhood to own one.

Recognition - When you cook for your family and friends on a Pellet Grill the compliments you get will be unmatched. A pat on the back every time you barbecue.

Traeger Accessories | Charlie's Service Center

Healthier - Adds no cholesterol, fat, or calories. This indirect cooking method produces less benzo (a) pyrene than gas or charcoal grilles. Better for your health.

Versatility - A Pellet Grill is three appliances in one. It grills, it bakes, and it smokes, all with the flip of a switch.

Economy - Costs less to operate than most charcoal grills. One 40 lb. bag of wood pellets will cook an average of 20 times.

Superior Construction - Foods cooked on a Pellet Grill taste better than gas or charcoal. Guaranteed to increase your outdoor dining pleasure - a wood fire is simply a more natural and tastier way to cook food.

Taste - Hand-crafted and built to last. All components 100% U.S. made.

Campfire | Charlie's Service Center

New Frontier Campfire

Do you like campfires, but dislike the hassle associated with them? This portable, gas-fired campfire comes with realistic-looking logs that produce that cozy, warm campfire feeling instantly. The 18-inch-diameter unit comes complete with logs and an aluminum lid that clamps to the base, forming its own carrying case. The material used in the ash is a natural insulator, enabling the campfire to be used in places that a conventional campfire cannot, including beneath an awning or while tailgating.


Cook-All | Charlie's Service Center

New Frontier Cook-All Accessory

The Cook-All from New Frontier Campfire can be used to cook hot cakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast, fajitas for lunch and hamburgers or steaks for dinner. Consisting of a 19inch diameter, 10-gauge steel pan (with genuine horse shoe handles, no less), support stand and canvas tote bag, the Cook-All is designed for use with the New Frontier Campfire, a portable, LP gas-fired campfire with ceramic fiber logs. Simply place the Cook-All stand and pan over the Campfire, and you're ready to cook just about anything. Use the Campfire cover as a lid for the Cook-All, and you have a Dutch oven, steamer or popcorn popper. The pan stores in the canvas tote bag, while the support stand is stored inside the Campfire. Cook-All in Use


Cook-All in use | Charlie's Service Center

Ashman Logo

Ashman Candles

Highly scented jar candles and original candle holders from the Ashman Company. These candles are some of the most fragrant, long-lasting candles you'll ever experience. Ashman Candles create an environment that is refreshing, warm and inviting.

Ashman Candles | Charlie's Service Center

Smelly Beans

Smelly Beans Melts are fragrance-packed wax beanies that can be used in tart warmers, simmering pots, or in mugs on electric warmers. Beanie Melts provide the full rich fragrance of a candle without the flame!

Cook-All in use | Charlie's Service Center

Scented Animals

Smelly Bears | Charlie's Service Center

Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals dipped in scented wax that smell wonderful. You can set these out and they will scent your home. When you can't smell them as strong, just set them over a heat vent or zap them with your blow dryer.

Smelly Animals | Charlie's Service Center

Remember not to put them directly on your furniture because they are not potty trained. The look great sitting on an old plate or pie tin. Available in a variety of scents.

Smelly Animals 2 | Charlie's Service Center

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